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    How Does Shutter Speed Work?

    Last updated 1 month ago

    Shutter speed is one of three main elements in photography, along with aperture and ISO, used to manipulate how a picture turns out. Simply put, it is the measurement of how long the lens remains open to capture an image. It is measured in fractions of a second, and in some extreme cases, whole seconds. 1/60th of a second is considered to be a typical shutter speed. Whether you are using a Nikon, Leica, or even a smartphone, being conscious of the shutter speed you are using can help produce high-quality photos.  

    Slow Shutter Speed
    A photographer might use a slower speed to capture movement, such as cars on a busy street. Allowing the shutter to stay open for longer makes your camera take in all of the movement and produce an image that may come out blurred, suggesting life in motion. A common issue with slower shutter speeds is keeping the camera still. Although more cameras are coming with image stabilization, it could be beneficial to use a tripod to keep it still.

    Fast Shutter Speed
    Photographers use faster shutter speeds to freeze an image in motion. If you are taking a picture of a something that is already still, you won’t have to use a fast shutter speed to make the image appear static. However, if you want to freeze a car in motion, you’ll want to choose a faster speed to maintain a still image in the final product.

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    The Importance of Lens Hoods

    Last updated 1 month ago

    Lens hoods are excellent tools to help you take in the right amount of light, ensuring you produce the picture you want. Without one, unwanted light can sometimes make it into the frame, causing flares and discolored spots. For example, if you are taking photos outside on a bright, sunny day, using a lens hood can be extremely beneficial. It is recommended to use a hood most of the time with your camera, but there are exceptions. If the light source is directly in your frame, using one may not be useful. Having a lens hood can serve other purposes, as well. They can help protect the camera lens from dirt, scratches, and harm from peoples’ fingers.

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    The Perfect Present - A Customized Photo Calendar

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