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    Photos in Full Bloom

    Last updated 3 months ago

    When it comes to photographing flowers, your unique viewpoint plays an important role your final results.   You stand before a field in full bloom, and while it’s beautiful in your eyes, the ability to translate its majesty through the lens requires a few techniques and a bit of planning. 

    For example, instead of standing above the flowers, consider getting low and shooting from that vantage point.  Don’t shoot right away, but instead, spend a few moments taking in the scenery and contemplating which parts of nature speak loudest.  Photographing from a lower point will allow you to better capture the details in the petals and the center, the small veins in the leaves and the slight change in hue in the bloom.  Filling the frame whenever possible will add more grandeur to the image and experimenting with your perspective may lead you to uncover new ways of seeing nature – and sharing it with others.

    The Ins and Outs of Digital Cameras

    Last updated 3 months ago

    Digital cameras can give even novice photographers the chance to take amazing pictures. If you are new to the world of high-tech cameras, use this guide to learn about some of the basics you will need to snap a great shot.

    Shutter Speed

    Old-school cameras that need film had mechanical shutters. Digital cameras, however, have a digital shutter, which means you can change the shutter speed electronically. This gives you easier control over the amount of light that passes through the camera’s opening and helps you take better pictures.

    Focal Length

    The way the lens is focused on your camera affects how it works with light. This focal length has a large impact on the final picture and is necessary for magnification. If you have a longer focal length, you have more magnification. If you have a shorter focal length, however, objects appear to be much farther away. A digital camera will either have an optical or a digital zoom, while some models have both options.

    Kind of Lens

    Digital cameras come with four different types of lenses and the kind you choose depends on why you need the camera. A fixed-focus, fixed-zoom lens are great for basic photographic needs. An optical-zoom lens with automatic focus is a better option if you want to play around with focal length. Cameras with digital zoom lenses can actually make a full-sized image from pixels. You can also find cameras with replaceable lens systems so you can change the lens based on your needs.

    Whether you are new to the world of photography or want to increase your personal camera collection, Camera Land is here for you. As one of the best full-service camera shops in New York City, we make it easy to find everything from Nikon cameras to binoculars. We also do photo prints and passport photos. Call (646) 789-4830 for more information. 

    Preserve Your Special Memories with Our Photo Restoration Service

    Last updated 3 months ago

    Your family photographs contain precious memories that should be preserved for generations to come. With the Photo Restoration Service at Camera Land, you will be able to electronically preserve your photos so that they will maintain their beauty and quality for many decades. When you bring your photographs to Camera Land, our expert technicians will mend any cracks, tears, or other damage. In addition, we can offer color correction services, and can even alter the scene to your specifications. By preserving your photos at Camera Land, you will ensure that your memories can be passed down to future generations.

    For more information about the Photo Restoration Services at Camera Land, give our NYC camera store a call at (646) 789-4830. Our friendly sales team will be happy to answer your questions about our products and services, including our inventory of cameras and binoculars. We look forward to assisting you with all of your photo needs. 

    NEW VIDEO THIS WEEK! ProMaster Pop-Up Background, Portable Studio Backdrop for Lighting Portrait Photography

    Last updated 3 months ago

    ProMaster Dual-Sided Pop Up Backgrounds are fast and easy to set up on location or in the studio. The generous 6' x 7' size is perfect for most applications and collapses to 1/3 of the overall size for easy transport and storage. A handy zippered carrying bag is included. ProMaster Dual-Sided Pop Up backgrounds are available in a variety of colors including Black/White, White/Grey, Patterned Blue/Patterned Grey and Chromakey Green/Chromakey Blue for easy wrinkle
    free green screen special effects. (1:25)
    Click the link below to see all of our videos on the ProMaster Video Channel

    Use This Simple Trick to Capture a Great Picture of Your Kids

    Last updated 3 months ago

    Many parents seek to capture beautiful and natural photographs of their children. To photograph your children in a candid setting, it is important to get low and shoot at the level of the child. Most importantly, remain patient and you will be sure to get a great shot of your child. To learn more about how you can capture a wonderful picture of your kids, watch this video from Brent Mail.

    At Camera Land, we can help you choose the perfect camera to capture all of your family memories. From our great camera inventory to our quality photo printing services, we will help you create beautiful pictures of your children. To learn more about the photo and camera services we provide to the NYC area, call us at (646) 789-4830. 

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